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Balthaxar T. Cat

Playlists for 2003-06-18

The World on Paws, 2003-06-18, 3:30pm

Suba - Samba do gringo paulista (Zero dB reconstruction)
Natacha Atlas - Daymalhum
Karsh Kale - Liberation
Karsh Kale - Epic
MIDIval Punditz - Dark Escape
Najma - Afsana
Bob Holroyd - When the Rains Come
P18 - Electropica
Daniele Silvestri - Sempre di Domenica
Thunderball vs. Liftoff - Welcome Back Cooper
Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble - Alsema Dub (Carl Craig's Mix)
Gigi - Mengedegna (Illuminated Audio version)
Lisa Gerrard - Go Forward
Saveria - Ninna nanna malandrineddu
Paolo Conte - Fuga all'inglese
Ayde Mori - Jarnana
Sezen Aksu - Gungormemisler
Dinletir - Ice Queen

Music for Cats, 2003-06-18, 9:30pm

Stark - Wield (Degradation)
Front 242 - Strobe
Electro Synthetic Rebellion - Synthetic Stimulant (Internal Corrosion mix)
Insurgent Inc. - summer sky remix)
Landscape Body Machine - Last of the Species (w/ David Suzuki)
Regenerator - War (Club mix)
godkomplex - the chosen one
Subway to Sally - Falscher Heiland (Eric Ljunggren remix)
Voodou - For Thyne enemy
Plastic Noise Experience - Prestigeobjekt
the faint - posed to death (The Calculators remix)
glis - discontent (pne mix)
Syrian - She is the Dark
De/Vision - Digital Dream (album version)
Wolfsheim - Kein Zuruck
Resurrection Eve - Tunnel
Collide - Crushed
La Floa Maldita - Secrets & Dreams
Najma - Justice Coming
The Moors - The Hunter, Cernunnos (edit)
Aenima - Morningrise
KK Null - Kosmik Engine Track 11
The Electric Hellfire Club - I Dream of Demons
Crocshop - World (Global remix by Assemblage 23)
Diverje - Shivering Skies
Andrew Duke vs. Club Telex Noise Ensemble - CTNE

A Sweet Sweet Caterwaul, 2003-06-18, 11:30pm

Pixeltan - Beats Prepare for Torture
Erase Errata - Marathon (Adult. remix)
Girlsareshort - Osaka
Lamb - Gabriel (Nelle Hooper mix)
Client - Price of Love (Sie Medway-Smith mix)
EMS - Close Encounters
Trigger 10d - Fuckfox

End time... (filler, even if awesome music) around 12:15am

Stars - What the Snowman Learned About Love
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Stars - Heart
Stars - The Woods
Stars - Death to Death
The Dears - We Can Have It
The Dears - Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?
The Dears - Lost in the Plot
The Dears - The Second Part
Barzin - Pale Blue Eyes
Barzin - Over My Blue
Barzin - Past All Concerns
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