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Mr. Cat @ CHSR, 2003-09-10

This week's playlists are actually just one playlist. In order to get a bit more work done around the music department, I broadcast a repeat of The World on Paws. ( The show broadcast was from July 16th. The playlist can be accessed here. )

Music for Cats
Buffalo Daughter - 28 Nuts / Volcanic Girl
Pigface - Mind Your Own Business (Tweaker mix by Chris Vrenna)
this morn' omina - (the) ninth key [ccf]
pow[d]er pussy - innergeist
pow[d]er pussy - byteoffsetone
l'ombre - disappear
Ars Moriendi - Armageddon
cEvin Key & Ken Marshall - destructor beam
Diverje - Mesmer (thine eyes/ml remix)
The Faint - Violent (Junior Sanchez remix)
ohGr - WaTergaTe
Faith & the Muse - Boudiccea
Clan of Xymox - Into Extremes
Collide - Mutation
Front 242 - Pan (Dhe)
Front 242 - Pan (Mihk)
Landscape Body Machine - Revolution (Tachyon Flux remix)
Dein Schatten - Abschied
Dracul - Erlkoenig
Plastic Noise Experience - Maschinen (Aiboforcen mix)
Haujobb - Slide
Hocico - Ruptura
Velvet Acid Christ - Convex
Electric Hellfire Club - I Dream of Demons
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