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Ugh, I'm feeling like a slacker.  My world-beat show was again a repeat.  This time though, I was packing and moving.  I had an excuse.  *nod*

The show was from June 25th

Music for Cats, however, was no cop-out.  Well, not really.

musicforcats, 200309024
The Fair Sex - Cyberbite
Ion - Surrender (Ionic Vision)
Electro Synthetic rebellion - Re-Programmed
Diverje - Broken (Auspex remix)
Goethes Erben - Marchenprinzen (Live)
Tanswut - Ihr Wolltet Spass
Dein Schatten - Abschied
Pixeltan - Beats Prepare for Torture
Wolf Eyes - Dead Hills II
Faith & the Muse - Bait & Switch
Faith & the Muse - Sredni Vashtar
Faith & the Muse - Relic Song
Clan of Xymox - Farewell
Clan of Xymox - Cold Damp Day
Sara Noxx - Survive
ohGr - WaTergaTe
ohGr - HiLO
Adult. - Contagious
Erase Errata - Marathon (Adult. remix)
pow[d]er pussy - ibringyoupeace
this morn' omina - obeah
the faint - let the poison spill from your throat (Tommie Sunshine's let the clock punch redux)
Haujobb - S.adow
Plastic Noise Experience - Maschinen
Rotator - NR3 RR3
cEvin Key & Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall - Incandescent glow
Front 242 - One (with the fire)
Front 242 - One (Reverse)
Regenerator - War
Collide - Complicated
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